Uber Promo Codes Coupons, Offers, Free Rides (New 10+ Codes)

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  1. Junno says:

    Thnks bro for ur support ..keep doing this

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Keep Looting and Visiting

  2. Junno says:

    Bro you have uber trick otp bypass

    1. Karan Saini says:

      not yet but unlimited Trick I have for unlimited Trick you can search in eshout.in search bar

  3. reddy says:

    brand150 is showing for only paytm wallet pay

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Try YouTube coupon

  4. sss says:

    Any 200, 300 Or 600 off working coupon ?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Not now ,We will update later.Keep Visiting

  5. Sam says:

    Do you have the unlimited ride distance trick ?
    i.e booking a ride for unlimited amount ?

  6. Badmaasshh says:

    Sir ji
    Even 300 off ride is cool.
    150 is too less.
    Uber is getting strict now 🙁
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Karan Saini says:

      thanx for support

  7. Sidhaarth says:

    I have otp trick
    if anyone want contact me 7687948151

  8. sss says:

    There are new 300,500,600 off codes.. can someone pls let me know ?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      not yet

  9. Gaurav says:

    Any trick for ola?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Coming Soon…….Keep visiting

  10. Ganesh says:

    Buddy YouTube 150 nd IDEAC150 both not working

    1. Karan Saini says:

      I think they are expired I will update post soon and add new Uber promo codes

  11. Sam says:

    Youtube150 nd ideac150 both expired.. plz update with working 150 off coupon..

    1. Karan Saini says:

      WILL Update shortly

  12. jesika says:

    pleaseupdate promos worth 150 please

  13. Ganesh says:

    Please update promo worth 150

    1. Karan Saini says:


      1. sourav says:

        new coupon worth 150 ???

        1. sourav says:

          new coupon worth 150 ???

        2. Karan Saini says:

          There us not any 150 coupon now, We will update when it will come

  14. Chinju says:

    Is this promo applicable to kerala?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      applicable in all india

  15. Jesika says:

    Do u have any promo code 150off on ride

  16. Jesika says:

    ??? 150 wala coupn promo btana

    1. Karan Saini says:

      not now

  17. Ravi says:

    Bhai please 150 rs wala btoooooooo!!!!

  18. Ganesh says:

    150 nhi h ???

    1. Karan Saini says:

      no not now

    1. Karan Saini says:

      75 Rs 3 Rides promo code is given above get it

  19. sss says:

    ICICI200 only works with ICICI CC and IDEA is only for Delhi NCR ..
    Please tell a valid Pan india code for 100rs.

  20. Sidhaarth says:

    icici200 code will be applied only if we use ICICI bank cards for payment?

  21. ANUJ says:

    is ICICI200 WORKIING ???

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Yes but you have to pay with ICICI Credit card

  22. ANUJ says:


    1. Karan Saini says:


  23. Akash says:

    Bro for the promo code brand150 do we need to link need the paytm wallet for the 150 discount?? Or is it also applicable for cash payment mode?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      yes it is for paytm

  24. ANUJ says:

    what about FLY150

    1. Karan Saini says:

      is it Giving 150 Ride ???

  25. ANUJ says:


  26. Sam says:

    Any 250/300/600 off ride codes?
    There are working codes for sure which people are using. Can u please check and update the forum with these working codes?

    1. Karan Saini says:

      not ant coupon more than 150

      1. SSS says:

        Then how are people booking 250/300/600/unlimited rides?

  27. ANUJ says:

    working coupon of 150 plzz update ??

    1. jesika says:

      contact 8557041747 for (150) coupon

  28. Akash says:

    Airport150 code expired.

    1. Karan Saini says:

      Airport 150 Working fine I check it today

  29. Aditya says:

    Airport150 not working and Fly150 is for paytm wallet users

  30. ANUJ says:

    but now it stop working suddenly from evening …i checked it too

  31. Sam says:

    Fly150 is getting applied but not working. You have to pay cash. And Airport150 promotion limit exceeded. Please check for any other code.

  32. john says:

    Fly150 not working…
    I have been charged.

  33. ANUJ says:

    how to use fly150 by the help of paytm ??

  34. Amit says:

    Plz update 150 new coupons.

  35. sam says:

    Hotel1000 is working

    1. ANUJ says:

      are u sure ??

  36. Akash says:

    Yeah it was working fine but it expired just few hours before.

  37. sss says:

    Are any 150 codes working ?

  38. Omkar says:


    1. sss says:

      this is a referral code giving only 50×3 off .

    2. ANUJ says:

      is’t working dude ??

  39. rahul says:

    This is for Mumbai only na?

  40. neha says:

    any 150 working coupons guyzz ??? plzz btaoo

  41. amit says:

    I am selling new 150 promo contact 7208409496…Its valid all over india…its new promo code..

  42. Nivedita says:

    FRAPP16 is not working for Mumbai as well.. it shows in promotions tab, but got a full cash bill in Mumbai with this code applied 🙁

  43. Omkar says:


    1. Keeper says:

      This shows up for Mumbai but doesn’t work. Got a cash bill of 134 :/

    2. ANUJ says:

      Is’t applicable in entire india ??

    3. Sonal says:

      Omkar.. any 150 first ride coupon for Bangalore

  44. RATAN says:


    1. Karan Saini says:

      Use pay with Paytm option and keep your Paytm wallet empty

  45. xyz says:

    Update codes dude

    1. Karan Saini says:

      will update when they are available.

  46. sunny don says:

    plzz update 150 coupons as soon as possible

  47. Ganesh says:

    Karan please update Uber 150 off Promo codes

    1. Karan Saini says:

      will update when new promo code are available

  48. Keeper says:

    any 150 codes available ?

  49. Omkar says:


    1. Karthik says:

      This doesn’t work with cash. got a cash bill. Any other working code ?

    1. Sam says:

      Sent u an email from borntorule .. Please reply.

    2. Kapil says:

      you did not share the coupon bro .. i sent mail ..

  50. Ganesh says:

    I have mailed u please reply

  51. Kapil says:

    any working promo codes for 150 off ?

  52. Ganesh says:

    karan please update 150 promo code

    1. Karan Saini says:

      will update when new promo code are available

  53. sourav says:

    plzz help me 150 coupon ??

  54. sunny says:

    any new coupons fort 150 ??

  55. Ganesh says:

    update 150 promo please

  56. Junno says:

    Bro SAMSUNGMU ye wala code bhi limit exceed ho gayi

    1. Karan Saini says:

      wait new code coming

      1. Rocky says:

        Aaya bawa code?

  57. sunny says:

    plzz jaldi ?? 150 coupons ?? update new 1

  58. sunny says:

    ISICSTUDENT is’t worklng in all states ??

  59. kavya says:

    is EVERYONESUBER working for 100 ??

    1. Nivedita says:

      No. Got a cash bill with this code. Don’t use it.

      1. kavya says:

        so ant other working coupon for 100 ??

  60. amit says:

    Cuponation50 what about this

  61. amit says:

    update yr plz?

  62. Tapan Agrawal says:

    latest 150 code?

  63. satnam singh says:

    Md200 only two rides free upto rs 50. Kindly update. New user all india
    Cashpayments only two rides free upto rs 50 new user all india. Kindly update

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